“What’s wrong with your dog?”

That’s the question one of my grade school friends asked me once when she came over to play.

“What’s wrong with your dog?”

I’m not gonna lie–corgis are pretty funny looking. LIke somebody made a mistake when they were putting them together. But somewhere between mistakes and great ideas, somebody decided that the Wilsons were destined to have them . . . and I think it was Gam.

The Queen of England actually got a corgi as a gift for her 18th birthday. Its name was Susan.

After that, funny looking or not, they became OK dogs to have. (And let’s face it . . . there is nothing cuter than a corgi in a pet store window. Go to the mall, I dare you.)

Gam used to breed and show them. And if you know anything about show dogs, its not OK to give them normal names like Fido and Fluffy. They have to be all official sounding.

They’re herding dogs. They like to herd things. Like Ducks and ankles. Which is kind of annoying on most days, and kind of helpful on others. Like if you have sheep–or if you are a one-year-old who has decided to make a b-line for the stairs. Gam’s corgi, Maimi, jetted in front of me and “herded” me back to safety. From there on out, it was all about the corgi.

Mom and Dad converted our kitchen into a nursery for two litters. Cutest. Things. Ever.

[Pictures go here when I find them.]

Plus, Hillary Swank has one. So does that one girl from The Girls Next Door. And my boss, and one of my co-workers. And Jennifer Aniston–though hers is a mix, so I don’t know if it counts.

But anyway.


They are the best.

Thanks, Gam, for the great idea.

They’re the only teenie dogs I’ve ever liked.


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