Goodbye, Kava!

Gam and I decided a while back that the first thing she’d do when she got to Heaven was have a cup of real coffee.

Which she is enjoying right now.

Gam passed away this evening.

And while words fail me, there are a couple things I know.

1. She’s going to have all the good coffee she wants.

2. She’s going to dance, and sing, and hang out with Jesus.

3. She’s going to lead conga lines.

4. She’s going to find out that Jesus won’t play Scrabble with her unless she cleans up her language.

5. She’s going to go dancing with Pop. And he’s going to have to deal with it.

6. She’s going to teach karate classes. She’s a ninja after all, and the very best.

7. She’s going to wear a dress that is even more beautiful than her favorite blue one.

8. She’s going to feed seagulls.

9. She’s going to take Fluffer for long walks on the beach.

10. She’s going to try to say “Shit” in front of God — and He won’t be having any of it.

And she’d sure as Hell remember that she’s my favorite.

Because she is.



13 thoughts on “Goodbye, Kava!

  1. Much love to you and your family Jen. I have enjoyed “getting to know” Gam through this blog and I know, she will be GREATLY missed.

  2. I am sorry to hear about Gam dying. However, we all KNOW that she is enjoying her life more than ever now with God! Not a goodbye, but a “I’ll see you later!” Your family is in my prayers- It’s always tough on the survivors!

    Jane Huston

    • Thanks so much…you are absolutely right! I think she is getting into trouble . . . Thanks for the prayers. We miss you!! When is your visit to CO???

  3. pop-pop said…”Yo Pat, it’s about time you got here”. We all ready miss her soooo much. Love you guys, so glad I’m a part of this family now.

  4. Heidi shared this with me and I have to say it sounds like Gam is having the time of her life!!! Many thoughts and prayers coming your way…love you all!!

  5. Jenny- what a sweet and touching memorial to a one-of-a-kind lady! There will never be another who is as special as Pat. It was such an honor to know her, become friends with her and care for her. Your posts are a perfect example and sample of the wonderful person she was. You have greatly captured her spirit and the impact she had on all of your lives, as well as on everyone else she came in contact with.. You are blessed with a unique talent and God is smiling on your use of it!
    You all did a truly unforgettable act of love in caring for her, in loving her and in making her journey as beautiful as it could be. You are God’s angels on earth. I am so thankful she was able to stay in her home and be surrounded by her family. Your devotion and attention to her was so tender and she surely felt the love. I will look forward to the day when we meet again in heaven and share in His glory!! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read these posts, for the ability to share with you some memories and also some tears, and for being such a warm and caring spirit. God bless you all, my prayers for your peace and comfort and joy knowing she is HOME!!! Psalm 117

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