Ninja Trait #5: Trustworthiness

Gam was uncharacteristically sentimental on the phone today.

She told me that one of the things she really wished she could have done was see me get married.

Go to my wedding, wrap up a gift, be there to watch me with my best friend. Maybe steal a dance or two.

“You would make a beautiful bride,” she tells me. “Truly. I just wish I could see it.”

She breathes heavy.

I tear up.

It’s unusual for her to talk so warmly about such things–maybe even hinting at the fact that some of my dreams have been hers all along.

Doesn’t last long, though.

“Just don’t wear your hair up in a knot! ¬†You know how I feel about your hair when you put it up.”

I laugh. I was waiting for that.

“You wear it down. You want to be pretty, don’t you?”

I laugh again.

Trustworthy. Predictable. Gam.