Dirty Scrabble

Gam’s very excited that I’m coming to visit.

“We’ll have a big time!” She shouts. “We’ll play Dirty Scrabble!”

“Dirty Scrabble?”

I ask her what it is–even though I’m well aware. She plays it with my sister, Patty, and I’ve always been a little jealous. That I’ve been officially been invited to the club is an honor.

“Dirty Scrabble is just like regular Scrabble,” she explains.

“But you can only play dirty words. So, you can say ‘Poop!’ or ‘Crap!’ or even ‘Shit!’

Sometimes there’s just no other word that can get your point across like Shit, Jenny. It even makes you feel better to say it. Oh–and we drink beer!”

Looking forward to it.