Best of Riddle Village Hallway Decor, Part III

It’s that time again.

What you do get when you give a cute elderly person their very own 2×2 square foot block of carpeted real estate? Some very interesting hallway decor.

Every time I visit, I’m amazed at what you can find–from happy hallway Bhuddas to what nightmares are made of.

For starters, what the heck is this?

Some use the space to make it very clear what their priorities are.

Some are crafty and clever . . .

Some are loyal, yet slightly exclusive . . .

While others take advantage of the opportunity to frighten small children with the help of Captain D and Extra #117 from Pirates of the Caribbean II.

Some ladies are progressive, although more likely have a granddaughter in a college dorm or are obviously one of those overly-bubbly chairwoman-of-the-bridge-club-slash-mixer-planners who secretly annoys everyone.

Next time, I’ll be sure to get a shot of the giant horse head, the to-scale stuffed dog, and the entire floor of the Lexington building trying to one-up each other with oversized wreaths and Christmas garland.

In the meantime, I’m already planning my future door decor–which is going to involve a life-size cardboard cutout of Justin Beiber, a string of flashing chili pepper lights, and some lazer trip wires.


The Best of Riddle Village Hallway Decor, Part 1

Something about growing old gives you license to do whatever you want with your apartment . . . including scaring away your neighbors with creepy hallway decor.

Some are informative.

Note to self.

Some are normal enough.

Welcome, leprechauns!

Others are not so much.

Creepy. . .

Go ahead. Rub his belly.


Duck with leprosy.

I will eat your soul.

The rabbit from Monty Python was cute, too.

Here is my honest favorite, though . . . I love, love, love this door sign! It covers all your bases. I wonder where I can get one every time I visit.

My favorite!