Last time I was in PA, Uncle Harry and Aunt D brought over dinner from Pinocchio’s, Gam’s favorite pizza place.

But she doesn’t get pizza. She gets a tuna hoagie (or sub for you Colorado people). She’s convinced that Pinocchio’s has special tuna. And never wants to hear it when I tell her that all tuna comes out of a can.

“Gam, it’s all the same. I could make you one of those.”

“No you couldn’t. This tuna is white, and sweet, and they’re the only people who have it.”

Anyway. She saved half of her hoagie for lunch the next day. And this is what she said as she unwrapped it.

“Did you happen to see your Uncle Harry eyin’ my sandwich last night?”

“No, why?”

She looks up snidely.

“Oh, he was. And I said to him, ‘up yours.’


“I only said it with my eyes. And it’s the only reason I have this beautiful half a sandwhich here for my lunch. Chess.”