Hot Date.

Gam went on a date last night.


With a younger guy.

To Friendly’s.

(And to then to McDonalds, because they have the best hot fudge sundaes, apparently.)

I kept my comments to myself.

Gam hasn’t seen her friend Joe for one of their famous “fireside chats” since she got diagnosed.

“Joe, wait till you see me,” she told him.  “I’ve lost so much weight. My pants are fallin’ off. I can’t walk straight. And my face looks like a broomstick.”

So he picked her up at the door and told her that her face, in fact, does not look like a broomstick. And left her pants out of the discussion. Good man.

“We laughed, and laughed,” Gam said. “Boy did it feel good to laugh.”

It always feels good to laugh–and even better to hear her say it. If that’s the case, she can keep up this dating thing.