Ninja Trait #8: Ingenuity.

Gam’s favorite vino is Beringer White Zinfandel. I tell her all the time that blushes are for wusses. She tells me I have no room to talk.

She told me a story once about driving home from a party after enjoying one drink too many.

Murphy’s Law would say she’d be pulled over by the police–as of course she was.

When the officer got out of the car and asked her to roll down her window, she immediately started crying.

Is this some sort of girl code the female population has known about for years and years? Cry in front of the police officer and get off the hook?

It’s never worked for me . . . but it did for her. Dang ninja skills.

“Have you been drinking tonight, mam?”

Gam confessed. Sort of.

“Oh, officer,” she sobbed. “THANK YOU for pulling me over!”

The police officer was puzzled.

Thank you. You SAVED MY LIFE!”

He’d obviously never gotten a reaction like that before.

“You truly did . . . if it weren’t for you, I could have driven this car right off the road. Or even worse, hurt someone. What was I thinking, officer? Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for what you’ve done.”

Then, she stepped out of the car and gave him a big hug.

I think he must have been so perplexed that he put away the clip board and told her to be careful driving home.