Ninja Trait #9: KOTTOBAC

Ninja Trait #9: Knowledge of the Teachings of Bhuddha & Confucius

I don’t know how much Gam knows about Bhuddism, though I’m sure she’d surprise me.

But there are a few people she follows religiously:

1. Jesus.

(Heck, he curls her hair.)

2. Michael Savage

Every. Single. Night.

Evenings after nine, she drifts off to pre-recorded cassettes (thanks to my sweet Uncle) and wakes up with political views she needs three mirrors to see.

3. Mark Harmon

AKA “Gibbs,” her favorite NCIS heartthrob. She may just be swooning over blue eyes and a full head of hair but by this time I’m convinced she could diffuse a nuclear time bomb with a cat toy and a ball of tin foil (or at the very least figure out which one of the Riddle employees has been stealing from her liquor cabinet.)

I’d say the three of them are pretty #9 worthy.