“That’s it?”

A weird thing happened the other night.

I was doing some reading–really late, around the same time that I would have usually been writing about Gam.

And I had this thought.

I’m not going to say it was her talking to me, because I don’t believe that’s how it works. But if it was–if she could–this is what she said.

That’s it?”


It was strange. In my mind, she had her sarcastic saucer eyes. Looking snootily down her nose a bit. The kind of face she gives you when you’re about to do something dumb. (Or when she hears that the groom is going to be wearing Chucks at the altar.)

“Oh, come on, Jenny.”

She would have a hard time giving up the spotlight so soon.

“You’re not even going to post those pictures you found of me in my pretty blue dress?”

Sigh. She’d want me to post these. So here we go.

She did look pretty hot at Chad and Becky’s wedding.

This one is so her.

I should have a caption contest for this one. I think she’s saying,

“Learn to do the splits. It’s very helpful.”

Gettin’ her groove on.

Gam loved to dance.Β 

The day Gam died, my sister put this on her Facebook page:

“My gammy went to dance with her jesus last night. i only hope he can keep up; she’s got some moves!”

I bet she’s having fun.


8 thoughts on ““That’s it?”

  1. I am pretty sure that’s my wedding dress. But I will share this time. I LOVE the look Gam is giving as she is walking down the isle. She KNOWS she looks good. I bet that’s the look that she gave God when she showed up in heaven in her new body. She KNOWS she looks good now!!

  2. I was thinking the same thing the other day… How I was hoping you’d still write & keep her memory alive. I think there’s probably another whole year’s worth of stories out there:) Gosh, I miss her so much. Heaven is a sweeter place with her there. And I know that Pop probably had the biggest smile on his face when he met her at the East Gate & showed her the mansion that Jesus had finished just for her. Love you.

  3. I still check the blog for new stories. Your posts always make me smile. Sometimes cry too, but mostly smile…with the occasional laugh out loud moments! πŸ™‚ Great way to keep Gam’s spirit alive and well forever.

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