When life gives you Ensure…

Mom is convinced that her mother-in-law–for however much longer we’re blessed to have her with us–is going to start eating healthy.

Good luck with that.

Today, my cousin Laura went over to visit–where my mom was trying to funnel a glass of Ensure down Gam’s throat under the guise of a strawberry milkshake.

Mom asked, “Do you like the strawberry?”

Gam nodded yes.

Then mom left the room.

As soon as the coast was clear, Gam handed the glass to Laura and said, “Quick! Take a few sips of this stuff for me so she’ll think I drank it!”

“Gam, you don’t like it?”

“I’ll never tell!”

Then she tried to get Laura to hide the cheese danish they gave her in her “bloomers.”


“Even on the rough days,” Laura told me, “she still has me cracking up.”

This is a valuable life lesson.

When life gives you Ensure . . . make your granddaughter drink it for you.


7 thoughts on “When life gives you Ensure…

  1. Matt used to bring home cans of ensure that the old ladies refused to drink. They are great during pregnancy and when you can’t keep much down!

  2. The things we we keep in our bloomer! … That”s were my grandma kept her snuff… cause her bra was too full, that’s were she kept her money. As a little kid never thought about it much. I just felt sorry she didn’t have pockets.

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