Patito’s Big Day Out

Last week, Gam’s duck came to work with me. CSK is an equal opportunity employer.

(Even though Gam can’t see these photos, my mom can tell her about them.)

So here we go.


This was Patito’s first day on the job. He was really excited. But a little nervous.

Mostly about pooping on the floor.

Here he is helping Lori design a really cool logo.

He had some great ideas. This is his “I’m thinking” pose.

He’s an outside-the-coop thinker.

He also did some consulting and synergizing and strategery.

He’s a pretty good art director.

Until he got a little frustrated and took matters into his own beak.

That was a little awkward. Lori took it well, though.

He even test-drove our scooters to make sure they were up to code.

Then he did some sunning on the deck with his best friend, Abrielle. He liked her pink shiny skirt.

We finished the day with happy hour at Jack Quinn’s. But they didn’t let Patito inside.

(They have a shirt/shoes policy.)

But he did get to go home with Leah and Jon–after she asked.

This is what the conversation sounded like on Leah’s end of the phone:

“Honey, can I bring a duck home tonight?

A duck.

A duck. Like, quack quack?

Yes it’s a real one.

No, he isn’t potty trained.”

Patito and Leah had fun. But Jon said he couldn’t stay.

Thanks for letting us borrow your duck,Gam. It was a great day!


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