Still going . . .

I’ve had some people ask… she’s still here. Fighting like a trooper, making people laugh.

One thing I’m taking away from this experience is how to die well. I know it sounds morbid; but it’s been wonderful to be a part of. More later.

My mom, dad and two sisters are with her this week.

A few things I’m missing . . .

Gam telling Merry to “Get Lost.” (She doesn’t like people in her room when she’s trying to sleep.)

Merry and Jacky sitting with her and working expletives into everyday sentences.

Jacky: What are we going to do today, Gam?

Gam: I’m going to buy you some hooker shoes. And you’re going to go dancing, with those fabulous calves of yours.

Gam looks at Merry with a jealous/annoyed face and says (about Jacky) “I’m going to smack her.”

Telling everyone she is going to take them to the White House to eat lobster.

Seeing my dad walk into the room and saying, “Why hello, Horatio!”

As lucid moments grow few and far between, we’re all glad to remember. She is one cool lady.



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