“Even though the road is . . . shit.”

Hard stuff, yucky stuff, painful stuff–my grandma draws her strength from God. Even when she can’t talk.

Last time Patty and I were in PA, talking was getting really difficult. Many times, we could collect the point she was trying to make: that God was carrying her through the bad days. And when talking wasn’t working, she’d try to sing–the same song, over and over.

But she never made it farther than the first verse. She’d lose her words, forget the lyrics, stop to ponder, get really frustrated, try again . . .

Patty and I felt really bad that we couldn’t help her out. Obviously the song meant a lot to her. All we knew was that it had the word “road” in it–and also the word “shit.”

Which is kinda funny, since we were certain it came from church.

Only Gam can sing about Jesus and shit at the same time and get away with it.

“Even though the road is . . . (sigh).

“Even though the road is . . . long! No, no that’s not it.”

“Even though the . . . road . . . shit. I’m going to try again.”

“Even though the road is–oh, shit, Jenny, I can’t remember.”

We did some digging, and found it. It’s a song my aunt sang in church once that Gam just loves. It’s Mountain of God by Third Day.

The other day I called and my mom was able to put the phone up to her ear, and I sang the chorus. (Not well, at all. And had she been strong enough to mock me, I promise you she would have.)

Instead she just said “That’s the one!” and that it was beautiful.

She is a good liar, but this time I kind of believed her.

Thought that I was all alone, broken and afraid

But You were there with me

Yes, You were there with me.

And I didn’t even know that I had lost my way

But You were there with me

Yes, You were there with me

‘Til You opened up my eyes, I never knew

That I couldn’t ever make it without you

Even though the journey’s long

And I know the road is hard

Well, the One who’s gone before me

He will help me carry on

After all that I’ve been through

Now I realize the truth

That I must go through the valley

To stand upon the mountain of God


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