Clam Boats and Happy Endings

Bedtime. I’ve changed her and emptied her “tank” as she calls it. How it hurts my heart to see her so weak and fragile. I’ve never seen someone so thin. I kiss her on the cheek and she grasps for my hand.

“Tomorrow is going to be a good day,” she chokes out.

“Yeah? Why’s that?”

She struggles for words and then proclaims with confidence . . .

“Because its CLAM BOAT DAY!”

Have any of you ever heard of a clam boat?

Apparently its some sort of big greasy pile of deep-fried clams in sandwich form.

Who knows. All I know was that she was excited about trying to eat one.

It was all she could (try to) talk about all morning. As I was helping her sit up, changing her pajamas, making her kava . . .

“First . . . they bring you a clam boat. And then . . . a big pile of french fries. And then, when you’re done, you get a Happy Ending.”

I look up at my dad. He looks at me. We look at Gam. And we both started laughing. Did she just say that?

Friendly’s is a big East Coast diner/ice cream place apparently famous for a sundae called the Happy Ending. Obviously pre-asian-massage-parlor.

Who knew?


4 thoughts on “Clam Boats and Happy Endings

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