Happy Easter/Happy Everything

Love this sign. It covers all your bases. And its still, by far, my favorite addition to the Riddle Village hallway decor.

Happy Easter.

I’m remembering squeaky patent leather shoes and white ruffled socks

Matching bonnets and teenie purses

Gam in a pink pastel suit jacket, hair Aqau-netted and pinned back tight

Church and egg hunts and Aunt Donna’s potato rolls

Pop carving ham at the kitchen counter

Easter baskets stuffed with jelly beans and plastic grass

Dying eggs with Becky and Laura at the kitchen table

Pre-school Jacky singing,

“The Angel wo’ed da stoooone awayyyyy! 

The Angel wo’ed da stone awayyyyyy!

It was a BWIGHT and happy morn when the twumpets gan to play, thee Angel woe’d the stone away!”

11 year old me remembers her  being so cute that I got it on cassette tape; wish I still had it.


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