Banana Bread Eric

I’m horrible at picking up my phone. So when Gam called a few days ago and I actually answered, she took it as a sign.



“I got you! On the first ring! This must be an omen.”

“An omen? What kind of o–

“Jenny, did you ever meet Eric?”


“Eric is the most lovely man. A maintenance man who works here at Riddle! He is my personal maintenance man. Well not really but I like to think of him that way. I asked if I could be just mine and he said yes.”


“Jenny he is just the nicest man. He came to my apartment today and helped me hang a clock. And then he stayed for an hour and visited with me, and then he asked me, ‘Mrs. Wilson do you like banana bread?’ And I said yes and he said he was going to make a loaf for me and then deliver it on Monday morning!”


“Did you hear that Jenny? He makes banana bread.”

“That’s nice Gam.”

“You like banana bread!”

“Well I guess its meant to be, then.”

“Anyway, I told him that I have four beautiful granddaughters, and that two of them might be coming to visit in May. So I asked him, ‘Could you stay single until May?'”

Apparently Eric said that would not be a problem.

I mentioned it to my mom the next day. (“Oh–Erick. The maintenance man. With the banana bread. I heard.”)

I guess word gets around. I don’t know who’s rolling their eyes more–me or Eric–but I look forward to meeting him in May.

This better be some freaking amazing banana bread.

(Thanks,, for the awesome cartoon.)


4 thoughts on “Banana Bread Eric

  1. HAHA Oh Ray… you had better be right.
    Jen, I hope he is taller than Gam says cause you need a man to make you feel little and loved. (FYI I am NOT implying you are fat.)

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