Gam Likes Mark Harmon

Gam likes Mark Harmon.

How do I feel about my grandma having a crush on a guy half her age? I will get back to you on that one.

But it’s true. Gam likes Mark Harmon-gallant protagonist of her favorite show, NCIS.

“I could stare at that man all day.”

So could Loretta–her wellness nurse. As we discovered on her daily trek to Health & Wellness.

Gam has to have a shot in her stomach every morning to try and dissolve the blood clots in her lungs. (She thinks its pointless because the time it’ll take to get rid of them is longer than she’s expected to be around–but she does it anyway. A good sport.)

Anyway. I really love Loretta. She’s wonderful. Very down to earth. A nice Philly accent. She doesn’t pull punches. And she’s hooked on NCIS, too. Gives them something to talk about. As if they needed anything else.

On our first morning in Philly, Patty and I wheel her down to Wellness for her daily shot at exactly quarter of eleven. She lifts up her shirt like a little girl showing off and braces herself as Loretta chats away.

“Did you SEE our boy in the last episode?” Loretta swoons, swabbing Gam’s tummy with an alcohol pad. Game moans. Loretta freezes.

[gasp] “You ok, Pat?”

“Yes. I just felt something.”

Unfortunately it wasn’t the shot. She sighs and moves her bony fingers to her heart and makes a pitter patter motion.

And I throw up in my mouth a little.


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