PA Visit #4 – Smokin’

“Talk to me about how I could get my license.”

“Like, to drive?”

“No. My medicinal license.”


Gam rolls her eyes and leans in close.

“A license. To smoke pot. Do they have those out here?”

“I don’t think so Gam.”

“Oh fiddle.”


“I was just thinking it would be nice to smoke some. I’ve never smoked marijuana before.”

[Cricket. Cricket. Cricket.]

“Jenny, where do you think we could get three joints?”

“Why do you need three?”

“One for each of us.”

[Cricket. Cricket. Cricket.]
This is a first. I tell Gam that in Colorado Springs there are dozens and dozens of dispensaries. She was impressed with the fact that you could pick out what kind you wanted and have it baked into brownies or boiled into lollipops. Or even spun into a milkshake–she gets a black and white shake every day.

“Hmm,” she wonders. “Maybe I’ll ask Jamir. I bet he could help us!”

She’s kidding–right??

“Yes, that’s exactly what we’ll do!”


Gam’s with all the “young kids” that work in dining services–and I’m more than confident they could hook her up if they wanted to. But then she realizes that poor Jamir would probably get fired if anyone found out he was dealing to a resident.

So we call my dad under the guise of asking his opinion. We mostly just wanted to tell him what kind of conversation we were having with his mother.

“Tell your father it’s too late, we’re already stoned!” she shouts from the kitchen table.

My sweet grandmother.

Just a few hours later, Aunt D brings pot roast over for dinner. And she’s wondering why we’re giggling like a bunch of teenage girls.


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