Good influence

Got a “welcome home” email from a sweet friend today. Their department is hiring a new employee. Copy/paste.

On 3/1/11 12:02 PM, “Jen” <Email> wrote:

That is why I am hoping that yall hire a single, good looking, kind, humorous wonderful new guy 🙂 Who loves cupcakes and goes to BSF! And doesn’t copy people’s notes when he misses class.

On 3/1/11 12:10 PM, “April” <Email> wrote:

Ha…  It would be better if he didn’t like cupcakes… Then I could eat his.   Ha…

On 3/1/11 12:20 PM, “Jen Wilson” <Email> wrote:
Hey now. Let’s keep this clean.

On 3/1/11 12:22 PM, “April” <Email> wrote:

I think you’ve been with your gma too long.


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