Gam Likes President Bush

Gam likes President Bush.

My Gam loves former president Bush.

I mean, really loves him.

I was talking to her on the phone once–long enough ago for her to be startled by the BEEP of a call waiting on the other line. I tell her to pick it up–it could be someone important–like President Bush!

“If that’s the case I’ll never answer my phone again. Jenny–are you a Republican?”

She says it with wide eyes and a wince. Like alcoholic or train wreck or bearded lady.

I don’t know if it was Hoover kicking off the Great Depression, growing up in a poor working class family, living thru WW2 or simply just the desire to get a rise out of peers who veer towards the right (actually that’s pretty much what it is) but she is a staunch Democrat. And despite being entirely displeased with a lot of the current goings-on, there’s no changing her mind.

One time, she slipped in the shower and knocked herself out. When the paramedics arrived, they ran right into the bathroom to rattle off their list of wake-up questions.

“What’s your name? What year is it? How many fingers am I holding up?”

She couldn’t answer any of them. Except for one.

“Who’s the President?”

“That #$!!$% President Bush.”

It doesn’t take much.

(Thanks,, for the cartoon.)


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