I like it on top.

Enough with the sap. Back to Gam.

Yes. Her shirt really says that.

What’s the first thing Gam wants to do when she comes to Colorado? Go to Cripple Creek, of course. Wearing a T-shirt that says “I LIKE IT ON TOP.” Sigh.

I got carded at the door and Gam was pretty upset about that. Mostly cause she wanted to be checked, too. “Young man,” she scolded. “Aren’t you going to card me, too!? Don’t you see what my SHIRT says?!”

So, we all ended up getting over-21 stamps on our hands. She was pretty proud of that. Now, whenever we part ways, she holds one fist up in the air like she’s giving a high five–or about to take someone out. It’s our Gam/granddaughter secret handshake. It’s awesome.

Don't mess with us.

Patty and I spent the afternoon tag-teaming for her: one grandkid holding her hand to get around, the other holding her oxygen tank. She taught us how to spot lucky machines, avoid scams and shout with appropriate hand motions with the big wins. Sigh.

We don’t get it. But we had fun. I think we won a grand total of three dollars that day and bought coffee on the way home.

She is such a riot.



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