New Hair & New Boyfriends

“Hey Gam–how you feelin today?”

“Just great, Jenny–just great!!”

[She’s in good spirits. This is a good thing.] “Oh yeah? You’re not in as much pain today?”

“No, I got a permanent!” [She loves getting her hair done.]

“Fun! I bet it looks fabul– [She’s so excited she cuts me off.]

“Jenny, do you remember how beautiful I looked at your cousin Becky’s wedding?”

“Of course. You looked so gr–”

“Well, I don’t look that beautiful. But almost.”

“I’m sure you do. Did you get it colored, too?”


“What color?”

“I have no idea. I can’t see. But they tell me it’s 12 different shades of wonderful!”


“Jenny, I think I must look so cute that when you come out, we should both go out looking for new boyfriends!” [Sigh.] “But not from Riddle Village. All the boys here are old, and ugly. We’ll have to go across the street to the Ale house.”

Wish me luck. This is going to be an interesting trip.


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