Kaylee Amazing Grace

Gam & Kaylee

“The baby’s name is Kaylee Grace,” Gam proclaimed proudly when my cousins’ 2nd trooper was born. “But I’m going to call her Kaylee AMAZING Grace!”

Gam’s got six grandkids–all girls, to my Pop’s dismay–and two great grandkids who belong to my cousin Laura and her husby, Joe. Laura’s actually the reason Gam became Gam. She couldn’t say “Grandma” when she was little . . . and “Gammy” is what stuck. 30 years later, I’ve only heard the nickname one other time in The Proposal, which is kind of funny because Betty White is on my small list of people who could due the part justice in a Hollywood film.

I guess when she finally became a great grandmother she was ready for a change, and decided that she’d prefer the little ones to call her not Great Grandma, not even Great Gam, just plain old “Great.” Which, if you know Gam, would not surprise you.

“Anyway, Jenny . . . Kaylee AMAZING Grace is beautiful. She looks like a pot roast. A great, big, beautiful potroast–but not so big.”


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