Where Do You Find These People?!

One of the things I love most about my Gam–most of the time–is that she’s honest.

A little too honest, sometimes.

Like if you’ve put on weight, she’ll be the first to tell you. (Check). If she doesn’t want to be seen with you the way you’re looking, she’ll tell you. (Check)

“And where do you think I am taking you looking like that?”

“Um…to lunch? I thought we were just going down to the cafeteria?”

“Not until you do something with your hair, we’re not!”

And, if she disapproves of the guy you’re dating, she’ll tell you that, too. (Check)

“Here he is, Gam.”

She takes the photo from my hands and lowers her glasses.

“Well isn’t he funny looking.”


“I mean, he is just a strange looking fellow if I ever saw one.”


Honest to church, Jenny–where do you find these people?”


“And what’s wrong with his hair? You could glue a propeller on top of his head and he’d look like he was wearing one of those funny little hats.”


“No, I’m serious–you know, the ones with the little spinny things on top? He might just float away!”

Pop cuts her off and waves me over to the couch.

“Now don’t pay attention to your dear old Gam,” he says with wisdom and a chuckle.

“The important thing is, you marry someone you like. Someone who makes you laugh. Your best friend. After that, who cares what they look like?”

(There was a line in there about one of you getting into a car crash the day after the wedding and how it really wouldn’t matter anymore if the person you married was the most beautiful person in the world, or not . . . but it definitely kills the mood so in my memory, I leave it out. Most of the time.)

While we’re talking honesty, I can say that over the years, some of her comments have hurt my feelings. Most have made me laugh. And others make me wish I had the courage to be more honest with myself and my relationships in the areas of life that matter most. Honest to Church.

Like admitting that his haircut really did look like one of those beanies with the propellers on top.



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