Gam outsmarted some smart-A nurses at the hospital last night.

Apparently, they were tired of getting up with her on the hour to use the restroom–so they stopped answering when she rang her buzzer. And so, being Gam, she’d just get up on her own.

“We told you,” one of the nurses scolded. “You have to stay in bed. You can’t keep getting up like this.”

“And I told you,” she answered, “That I have to pee.”

Finally, they decided it would be a great idea to lock up the rails on the side of the bed to keep her put.  Genius!

Unfortunately, they didn’t take into account that my Gam is a Ninja. (Or just skinny enough to weasel her way through the guard rails; whatever comes first.) And come on. I’ve been to yoga class with her. The woman is a human rubber band.

She was pretty proud of herself. So was I.


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