“What is it?”

I was so excited with the original sketch that I snapped a quick cell phone photo and sent it out to some friends.

“It’s me and Gam! And I’m five and we’re jumping off a diving board!”

“Oh–I thought you guys were dancing. Or maybe scared.”

“Oh–I was wondering why your arms looked so fat.”

“Oh–I was wondering why you were dressed up like the Michelin man.”

“Arg…they’re swimmies….see?”


“That’s cool,” the lady at Hobby Lobby said to me. “What is it?”

“Oh–that’s me and my grandma. I was like five or so.”

“Cute. What are you doing?”

“Jumping off a diving board. Swimmies, see?”

“Oh…I see that now. Well in that case, I’d suggest framing it this way…you get more of the motion that way. See?”

I do see, and it’s perfect–and just a few dollars later (so much better than the $172 Michaels was going to charge for custom framing) we’ve got a beautiful, hangable, original Garcia for Gam to hang with pride. I hope. Yay!

And I love that my coworkers were so excited for me…to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ and snap pictures and celebrate the life and the stories behind it. They’ve all heard quite a few.


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