Chris' Pool

This is my absolute favorite photo of me and my Gam. I’m five, and she’s crazy, and the water’s probably freezing. I learned to swim in this pool. And I guarantee I fished 3 dead frogs out of the filter five minutes beforehand without a second thought.

And this is my new favorite sketch from my dear friend and coworker Efrain Garcia. He’s a graphic designer and illustrator with ridiculous talent and the ability to capture light and heart in pencil and paper. He surprised me with this illustration–ironically, and with no surprise, if you know Ef –the morning after finding out Gam was sick. Of course I cry, and of course somebody gets it on video.

Look at the sheer glee on my face! I can hear myself laughing and squealing. I can hear her shouting. I can feel her strong, bony hand gripping mine. And the freedom in childhood legs kicked back and the rush of the dive and the break of the water. How many times did we leap before falling into warm towels and arms? How many times did I beg her for another go?

I’m having it framed for her . . . hope she likes it. I know she will.

Thanks, Ef. You’re a treasure.


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